Pre-school hip hop, ballet & Tap Dance classes

MPDC offers a non-competitive environment to introduce your pre-schooler to the basics of dance and movement—all while having fun!  Dance classes encourage listening, following directions, exercise, building coordination, plus they are known to boost self-esteem and confidence. 

What you can expect when you enroll in a class at MPDC:

  • Small class sizes. From the very first class, we want to get to know your child and start to build a lasting relationship. We love to watch our students develop over the years because our students are like family!
  • Improved coordination and rhythm. Most of the time our students are having so much fun they don’t realize they are learning!
  • Lots of time for imaginative games and creative movement.
  • A wonderful beginning to their dance education. Your child will be learning from a professional and receive great dance instruction from day one.
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Class descriptions

Pre-Ballet: Come explore ballet in this whimsical pre-ballet class, specifically designed for pre-schoolers. We get these young dancers moving with imaginative props, fun music, creative imagery and storytelling. A fun way for children to be introduced to the world of dance. 

Pre Ballet/Tap: This gentle intro dance class including tap & ballet is energetic, expressive, and fun. It will have your magical dancer learning  basic dance and motor skills, musicality and rhythm. 

Mini Hip Hop: This dance class is a fusion of basic hip hop and creative movement to get all the dancing wiggles out. Through creativity, the dance class focuses on kid’s muscle development, coordination, and musicality! 

young dancers at madison professional dance center